XDi | 2016 April
Das XDi entwickelt und veranstaltet Seminare, Workshops, Trainings, Weiterbildungen und Kurse zu den Themen Experience Design, User Experience, Service Design, Design Thinking, User Interface Design, UCD, User Centered Design, Interaction Design, HCI, Customer Experience Management und Online-Konzeption.
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April 2016

Six Simple Rules for Better Navigation UX

10:25 09 April in Allgemein by Stefan Schmitt

There are many rules for navigation UX; some of them complex and only used in very specific circumstances. Yet, there are some rules which will apply to nearly every situation. We’ve come up with six simple rules that may help you get your navigation UX...

5 Great Ideas to Improve the UX of Your Copy

18:30 06 April in Allgemein by Stefan Schmitt

We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again; the copy used in products is as important to the user experience as any other part of the design. Great graphics, awesome information architecture and simple processes can still be completely wasted if the text...

PANGEA SUN: Ein modular aufgebautes Laptop

10:05 03 April in Allgemein, Allgemein, Allgemein by Stefan Schmitt

Hohe Flexibilität durch modulare Bauweise Das Pangea Sun kann alles was von einem Notebook erwartet wird und noch mehr: Durch seine modulare Konstruktion lassen sich Einzelteile austauschen und nach eigenen Bedürfnissen anpassen. Einzelteile lassen sich wiederverwenden – Das schont Portemonnaie und Ressourcen. Zur Pangea-Website