Live Online Trainings

Cooperative - Collaborative - Co-creative

Digitisation is changing our whole life - and it is changing the way we live, work and learn. Life is becoming increasingly complex, dynamic and uncertain. The VUCA world requires permanent, rapid adaptation to volatile, uncertain environmental conditions. Permanent development is normality - we are all constantly challenged to reinvent ourselves and think further. To play masterfully on the keyboard of agile techniques and methods is becoming more and more important for business as well as personal success.

Learning from anywhere

In our live online formats we use modern, digital collaboration tools to provide a varied, interactive learning experience. In short input sessions we introduce you to individual topics, provide you with the necessary background knowledge and introduce you to suitable methods and techniques. In virtual rooms we work alone or in groups of several participants with digital whiteboards and various canvases.  In addition to the contents, methods and techniques that we teach you in the individual seminars, you will also learn about and apply contemporary digital tools for cooperative, collaborative and co-creative work independent of location.

Our trainers are well versed in digital learning formats and will guide you through your learning process in the usual supportive manner. You will receive professional feedback from our experienced trainers and coaches at all times.  In live chats you can exchange information with trainers and participants. As in our open seminars, you will get to know a variety of methods and techniques on the basis of given use cases. But you can also use the training to work on your own topics. This is particularly suitable for in-house seminars.


Here's how it goes

We work with the video conferencing tool Zoom. Zoom is easy and intuitive to use and allows a high degree of interactivity and simultaneous work in groups. For practical work and sharing the results of our work we use the online whiteboard Mural. This allows simultaneous, interactive work with prepared canvases.

In joint "set-up sessions" we create the technical prerequisites for a smooth running of the seminar. You do not need any special technical knowledge to participate in the live online training. You should only have an affinity for digital tools and the openness to make new experiences.

We provide you with all seminar documents digitally after the training sessions. You will receive a presentation as PDF, the documentation of the work results as well as a variety of templates and best practices for your daily work. All participants are invited to network with us and with each other in order to exchange ideas and stay in contact beyond the seminar. Last but not least you will receive our internationally recognized certificate after successful participation.

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