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User Experience Design & Usability for Web, Tablet and Smartphone - UX Design Course


User Experience & Usability Basics

From the workings of the human brain through digital ecosystems to definitions, disciplines, phases and methods in UX design.

User Research & Usability Testing

Get to know the personas of your users and test the developed products.

Business & Product Strategy

Develop a product vision and goals in a team, define KPIs and establish the ROI.

Product requirements & Scope

Requirements for features and content along with user stories and content strategy

Information Architecture & Navigation

Development of information architecture, the definition of navigation structure and technique and defining user flows.

Interaction Design & Prototyping

Interaction design with sketches, wireframes and interactive prototypes.

User Interface Design & Styleguide

Starting with the definition of a new visual style guide, to the design of individual screens, to animations, transitions and fadings.


Internet, tablets and smartphones have already become our constant companions. A large proportion of people in “developed countries” is „always on”. Content, features and applications will therefore be used across channels, so as media information and services which should be always and everywhere available. For this to happen meaningful and with a positive user experience, people who are able to conceive intelligent and user-friendly concepts for various media and devices are required.

What to expect in this ux design course

An excellent „user experience“ satisfies customers, increases credibility, allows a positive reception on social networks and improves a firm’s reputation. In this seminar, you will learn to develop successful and user-friendly websites, apps and software for your customers enjoyable and pleasant.

What you will learn in this ux design course

UX360 ° seminar empowers you to successfully design digital products or services and information services, but also to create content, structure and functionality for interactive products and services. You will learn the full range of methods of user experience design and how to practically apply them – from analysis to strategy to designing, prototyping and testing of developed solutions. You will even be able to conceive websites and apps, brief and control external service providers or communicate competently with internal stakeholders and advice them.

Who should attend this ux design course

This seminar was developed for designers, developers, consultants, speakers, project and product managers, marketing and content managers, and scrum product owners, who are responsible for the conceptual and strategic development of products, services and systems in agencies, companies and organizations.

X8® - Our Training Concept


The human brain, the digital eco system, the mature business, the user experience designer’s profession 

Definitions & disciplines
User experience design, human/user centered design, interaction design, usability, information architecture, user interface design


User analysis & design research, business goals & product strategy, product scope & requirements, information architecture & navigation, information & interaction design, user interface design & styleguide

Mental models, eight golden rules, principles of interaction design, Don’t make me think, 10 usability heuristics, DIN ISO norms 9241-110, design laws, Apple interface guidelines, Google material design, Hick’s und Fitts’s law

Practical exercises: Collaborative UX research for UX & usability basics



User types, user segmentation, user goals and needs, market research vs. design research

Practical exercises: Developing personas, presentation, feedback and discussion


Customer lifecycle, task analysis & definition, cognitive task analysis, top tasks

Practical exercises: Creating a customer lifecycle with top tasks, presentation, feedback and discussion


Customer journey, service experience, touch points, experience mapping


User scenarios, use cases, use contexts

Practical exercises: Developing a user scenario with all use cases, presentation, feedback and discussion


Benchmarking, best practices, evaluation models, performance metrics

SUS System Usability Scale, Google heart framework, expert review/heuristic evaluation, content audit, online survey


First click testing, A/B testing, usability lab, remote testing, mouse tracking, eye tracking, retrospective Think Aloud

Practical exercises: Implementing a live usability test for a selected application


Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Piwik Open Analytics …


Business goals, goal definition


Product vision, UX principles, mission statement, value proposition, business model, success criteria, ROI (return on invest), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), UX strategy

Practical exercises: Developing a product strategy using the product vision board, presentation, feedback and discussion


Requirement analysis and definition, capability and scope matrix, user stories, user story mapping

Content strategy, SEO, Content life cycle, voice of tone

Practical exercises: Developing a content strategy using the content strategy planner, presentation, feedback and discussion


Stakeholder management, agile & lean UX, design sprints


Information architecture, organization structures/schemata, sitemap, categorization and labeling, card sorting

Practical exercises: Developing a information architecture using card sorting, presentation, feedback and discussion

Navigation techniques, navigation logic and hierarchy, search, filters and sorting

Practical exercises: Developing and (tree-) testing a navigation, presentation, feedback and discussion 


Process design, flow charts (user flows, screen flows), cores & paths 

 Sketches, sketchnotes, stenciling, paper prototypes, paper cut-outs, design studio

Practical exercises: Creating first sketches and drafts of screens and features using the design studio-method (Lo-fi prototyping), presentation, feedback and discussion


Atomic design, information design, wireframes, interactive prototypes

Practical exercises: Selecting and refining sketches into wireframes (me-fi prototyping) with Balsamiq, Sketch and others


Design patterns, micro interactions, feedback and gesture operating, dynamic panels and states

Practical exercises: Refining and implementing wireframes into interactive, click-able prototypes (hi-fi prototyping) with Figma, Axure, Adobe XD and others, presentation, feedback and discussion


Layout types (fixed, fluid , adaptive, responsive), design grids, break points, mobile first, workflow


Devices and operating systems, tips and tricks, gestures and interaction, animations and transitions

Corporate design, color palette, typography and fonts, UI patterns, graphical elements, layout grids, text and tonality, images, videos and sound, mood boards

Practical exercises: Creating a mood board with imagery, color palette and font selection as design basis


UI kits, animations, transitions, fadings, micro interactions

One pager, flat UI, poster art and typography, image and video backgrounds


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Facts & Figures
Duration: 5 Days
Scope: 35 hours / 46 lessons
Effort: 6 hours per day
Language: English
Participant: Minimal | Maximum
Cancellation: Up to 30 days before the start of the seminar free of charge

Times: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. | 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Contact person
Yvonne Epps


Certified UX & Usability Expert

The certificate “Certified UX & Usability Expert” of the XDi – Experience Design Institute is awarded for the completed seminar, the active participation in the practical exercises as well as the final presentation. The certificate is recognized by the UXPA and the Interaction Design Foundation and enjoys an international reputation.

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