The Anatomy Of A (Perfect) Landing Page

Creating a perfect landing page design is not a tough task if you know what essential elements you need to incorporate into it. Without having a reliable checklist of things you need to accomplish committing silly landing page mistakes are common.

Thus, if you want to know learn how to create the perfect landing page for your website then the below landing page infographic is just what you need.

All of the best landing pages comprise a simple structure, a minimal design and includes a straightforward copy that focusses on a single goal. Therefore, without further ado, let’s check out the process that you need to follow in order to create a killer landing page that converts.

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Experience Design Trainer Part-time/full-time in permanent position at our location in Cologne/Germany or remote

We are XDi. We offer education, coaching and consulting for companies and their employees, self-employed and freelancers as well as career starters and newcomers. We support and accompany people of different disciplines and industries to become more innovative, creative and agile. Our advanced training courses help to gain further qualifications, to do a better job and to have better chances on the labour market.

We are looking for an Experience Design Trainer (m/f) for the implementation, conception and planning of seminars. The position is to be filled in the long term as a full-time or part-time position (25-35 hrs/week) and is initially limited to 1 year.

Your tasks

As an XDi trainer, you will teach our user experience design seminars on about 10-15 days a month. You’ll do this in German and English language at locations all over Europe. You will provide our participants with integrated experience design processes, methods and techniques and accompany them in the implementation of a practical project. In our seminars you will inspire our participants, support them in solving design problems, moderate team processes and create a dynamic, collaborative atmosphere of  learning and working. You will enable a supportive and energetic learning environment and help to create a community that goes far beyond the course. You will guide our participants on their journey through the world of experience design and challenge them to think strategically and turn ideas into real user experience solutions. At the same time, you will deepen and expand your own design skills and improve your leadership skills.

On days off, you will continue to develop existing seminars, design and plan new seminars and update and maintain our teaching materials. You will work closely with the XDi manager. You work together on new topics and formats. You act as an interface to our trainers, collect their feedback and work with them to continuously improve our offerings. You will advise our interested parties and customers by telephone and help them to select the XDi training courses that are most suitable for them. You will advise and accompany our customers in organising their in-house seminars. Within our “Continuous Improvement” service, you will coach and advise our customers and accompany them in applying the acquired knowledge in their daily work.


Your profile

You are keen to teach and work with people in general. You want to impart your knowledge and teach people from different industries and disciplines the methods of experience design. You are good with people and people feel comfortable in your area. You are sensitive and have a good knowledge of human nature. You are a person people like to listen to. You are always respectful in your dealings with others and radiate calm and serenity. You are authentic, open and communicative – you are sympathetic and empathic at the same time. You love to support people in their development. You have the ability to impart knowledge, are linguistically proficient and ambitious in teaching. Modern teaching and education concepts are no strangers to you.

You have high quality standards – the best is just good enough for you. It is a matter of course for you to constantly develop and critically question yourself. In seminars lasting several days, you are able to concentrate knowledge and impart it at the highest level. You can help our participants become even better at what they do. You have a degree in design, media and communication sciences, psychology/sociology or media informatics or a comparable qualification acquired through many years of professional experience. You have at least five years of professional experience in the experience design environment. You are familiar with user research (incl. personas and user scenarios), UX strategy (incl. functional and content requirements and user stories), information architecture (incl. cardsorting and tree testing), wireframing and prototyping (incl. usability testing) as well as user interface design (incl. interaction and animation).

You are familiar with web, app and software development and have experience in the conception of applications for all platforms and screens. Ideally, you should also be familiar with service design and design thinking and have the relevant experience that you can pass on to our participants as a trainer, coach and consultant. You have already gained experience in the Group environment and know how large, internationally active companies tick. You know the challenges of companies, agencies and organisations in the experience design environment. You have worked for several companies in different industries. You have very good German and English language skills and are able to teach in both languages. You enjoy travelling, want to travel internationally and like to meet people from different countries and cultures.

If you feel addressed and find yourself in the invitation, then we look forward to receiving your application, which you should send to stating your desired salary.

XDi – Experience Design Courses in 2019

For all those who want to know more and continue their education – here are all the dates for 2019 at a glance:

UX360° – Certified UX- & Usability Expert

Dublin, 18th – 22nd Feb 2019
Amsterdam, 18th – 22nd Mar 2019
London, 08th – 12th Apr 2019
Copenhagen, 06th – 10th May 2019
Barcelona, 20th – 24th May 2019
Dublin, 24th – 28th Jun 2019
London, 01st – 05th Jul 2019
Amsterdam, 22nd – 26th Jul 2019

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Certified UX & Usability Specialist

Amsterdam, 25th – 27th Mar 2019

Certified UX & Usability Professional

Dublin, 04th – 05th 2019
London, 01st – 02th 2019
Copenhagen, 13th – 14th 2019
Amsterdam, 15th – 16th 2019

Certified Service Design Thinker

Amsterdam, 04th – 06th Mar 2019
Copenhagen, 27th – 29th May 2019
Dublin, 12th – 14th Jun 2019

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DT360° – Certified Design Thinking Master

Barcelona, 18th – 22nd Feb 2019
London, 25th – 29th Mar 2019
Copenhagen, 08th – 12th Apr 2019
Dublin, 17th – 21st Jun 2019
Amsterdam, 22nd – 26nd Jul 2019

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Certified Mobile UX & UI Design Specialist

Barcelona, 20th – 22nd Mar 2019
Copenhagen, 24th – 26th Apr 2019
Amsterdam, 06th – 08th May 2019
London, 22nd – 24th May 2019
Berlin, 12th – 14st Jun 2019
Dublin, 08th – 10th Jul 2019

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Sixt sucks – A Customer Experience Desaster On 4 Wheels

Field report of a long-term Sixt customer

Actually they were wonderful days that Stefan S. spent with his wife and child on the occasion of their 44th birthday. Irina S. wanted a 3-country tour that would lead her through the pre-Christmas border towns of Aachen, Liège, Ghent and Maastricht.

The young family does not own a car. As always, when they have to get out of Cologne for a few days, they rented a car from Sixt. As always with fully comprehensive insurance and a deductible of 850,00 €. Stefan S. has been a Sixt customer for more than 10 years and has always been satisfied with the orange car rental company, with the best advertising in the industry.

But that should change after these days. They spent a few great days in the border area and enjoyed the pre-Christmas atmosphere and the different Christmas markets in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Shortly before the end of the trip, however, Stefan S. passed a malleur. During the hectic attempt to park backwards with a screaming child in the car, he overheard the warning signal of the car, overlooked a fire engine and damaged the passenger side of the car not insignificantly.

Instead of immediately calling the police and informing Sixt after the excitement had subsided and the anger had evaporated, they did not let the good mood get away from them and enjoyed themselves at the Aachen Christmas Market. After all, it couldn’t be changed any more and apart from a Pöller, nobody had been harmed. And besides that they were fortunately fully insured – but unfortunately with a deductible of 850,00 €.

This behaviour, obviously characterized by ignorance, turned out to be naive in retrospect. After returning to Cologne, Stefan S. dropped off his car in the underground garage of the Cologne Hilton on Sunday evening as usual. At this time he didn’t even think about what would await him afterwards.

Some time after handing over the vehicle, the S. family received a letter from Sixt. When Stefan S. opened this he was astonished not badly. His facial features froze for a short time before they were thawed again by the following flush of anger and changed into tense wrinkles. The letter contained a detailed listing of the developed damage, to which immediately a damage calculation at a value of 7264.68 € was attached.

Since Stefan S. did not inform both the police and Sixt of the damage immediately after it occurred, the fully comprehensive insurance should not take effect and the S. family should pay for the entire damage. Sixt immediately assumed guilt – after all, the damage could have occurred under the influence of alcohol and this could have been the reason for not reporting the accident.

That not alcohol consumption but ignorance could have been the reason for the failure to report, Sixt does not want to come to mind. Presumption of guilt instead of innocence. Instead, reference is made to the general terms and conditions that can be inspected at every Sixt headquarters and that can be viewed at a terminal. That’s true. There is a terminal. The general terms and conditions can be viewed there. But has anyone ever read these terms and conditions? He certainly hasn’t. He doesn’t read Apple’s terms and conditions either, if he gives his consent to an update of them again.

In the only written document that the customer receives when renting a vehicle, Stefan S. searches in vain for a reference to this. In this printed contract there is no mention of the fact that in case of an accident without the participation of third parties, Sixt as well as the local police have to be informed. Stefan S. now wants to know more. In order to see whether at least the Sixt service coworkers refer a customer with the renting to this circumstances, Stefan S. and Irina S. considered themselves a small test renting situation.

They went to their Sixt branch in the Cologne Hilton and pretended to want to rent a car. While Irina was filming with her mobile phone, Stefan asked several times if there was anything to consider when renting a car, especially in case of an accident. Although Stefan S. repeatedly tried to elicit an indication of the legal situation from the Sixt employees by stubborn questions, the only reassuring hint from them was that in the case of a fully comprehensive insurance everything was covered – even a self-inflicted accident. Stefan S. does not have to worry with the best will in the world.

Now family S. should pay 7264.68 € for a damage, which should have been covered actually by the insurance. Only, because Stefan S. had no knowledge of the AGB and the legal situation was not known to him. Driven by the desire for agreement and justice, Stefan S. called in a lawyer. Against his conviction to be in the right, Stefan S. let himself be led to a compromise proposal.

Sixt sucks!


The Skool – Videos on the business of Design

The Skool are a really useful YouTube channel, who offer a range of videos regarding The business of design. I have learn’t some great tips from them. Chris Do and Jose Caballer are the presenters of the Skool network and also the owners of a very successful design firm in Los Angeles, known as Blind Studio. Highly recommend watching their videos and reading their content.

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Building a design-driven culture

It’s not enough to just sell a product or service—companies must truly engage with their customers. Here’s how to embed experience design in your organization.

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