DT360° – Certified Design Thinking Master

Agile, user-centric development of innovative products and services with Design Thinking - Design Thinking Workshop


Design Thinking Basics

Design Thinking Crash Course with definitions, fields of application, processes and prerequisites.

Agile User Research & Synthesis

Exploration, evaluation, interpretation and evaluation through interviews, storytelling, clustering, journey map, empathy map and JTBD (Jobs To Be Done).

Ideation, Prototyping & Fieldwork

Application of different creative techniques, use of prototyping as well as design and planning of different test situations.

Business Model & Pitch

Model, structure, present and pitch solutions with Business Model Canvas.

Implementation ala Scrum & Lean

Plan and control implementation with design sprints, SCRUM, Google sprints and lean canvas.

Design Thinking in the company context

Analysis of case studies and best practices of successful implementation of design thinking in various companies and institutions.


Developing successful, innovative business models, products and services in times of disruptive technologies, saturated markets, ever shorter product lifecycles and continuously rising customer expectations is the essential entrepreneurial challenge of our time. An excellent way to meet this challenge is Design Thinking. Our Design Thinking Masterclass gives you a 360° view of this creative, structured innovation method and iteratively passes through the phases of the design thinking process. You will learn to analyse complex problems and to solve them creatively, iteratively and interdisciplinary. In this workshop, we combine the most effective design thinking methods with agile project management and implementation tools to achieve a transfer into business practice without design thinking remaining ineffective. You will leave our Masterclass with a case full of practical tools and an action plan to integrate design thinking into your daily work routine tomorrow.

What to expect in this Design Thinking Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn best practices from various industries to understand and apply the versatile application possibilities of design thinking. You analyse the needs of your target groups in creative, structured work processes, develop a multitude of innovative solutions with the aid of various ideas methods and test your approaches with the help of previously developed prototypes. You will learn different creative techniques that help you to master challenges in your daily work routine and to solve problems successfully. You will learn how to transform ideas into concrete implementation steps and how you can integrate design thinking into your work and communication processes. You will explore the prerequisites for successful integration into your working environment and learn to recognize the interfaces between your product, your customers and internal work processes. In a pleasant, personal atmosphere, you will interactively deal with the process in small teams and will be able to apply the experience gained to your own situation and develop your own toolbox.

What you will learn in this Design Thinking Workshop

In this Design Thinking workshop you will learn in a participative, co-creative team process with participants from different disciplines and industries to come up with concrete innovation ideas and to force their implementation. You will get to know and apply numerous methods and tools and build up a solid set of instruments in the areas of user research, idea and prototyping. You will learn to apply different research methods, analyze the results and derive insights for your product strategy. They experiment with different creative techniques to initiate, control and moderate creative processes. They practice different prototyping methods and apply them in different test scenarios. Our Masterclass puts you in a position to combine design thinking and agile development methods to implement ideas immediately. You will be able to formulate a design task, moderate a team and manage design thinking processes in your company and adapt them to your needs. You will leave this master class with in-depth knowledge of the most important components of design thinking and have an individual strategy for integrating design thinking into your company and applying and passing on your knowledge.

Who should attend this Design Thinking Workshop

The Masterclass is interesting for all those who work as a professional, consultant, manager, managing director or entrepreneur in the fields of innovation and product management, customer experience and customer service, IT & technology, sales and marketing, research and development and who deal with the topic of product and service innovations from an operational, strategic and organizational point of view. The Design Thinking Master is particularly suitable for innovation managers and consultants, product, service and user experience designers, product, project and design managers, service and business development managers, customer service and experience managers as well as company founders, team, department and group leaders who want to manage multidisciplinary teams and make collaboration more successful with the help of creative methods. No previous knowledge of Design Thinking is required to participate in the Design Thinking Masterclass.

X8® - Our Training Concept


On the first day you will get to know the most important components of Design Thinking, formulate your expectations and goals for the Masterclass and deal practically with methods and procedures of User Research, the basis of Design Thinking.

Interactive welcoming round and get-to-know

Definition & application fields of design thinking
Meaning of the concept and variety of interpretations, possibilities to apply design thinking in different business and service areas

Design thinking process
Discovery of iterative functions through researchs, interpretations, experiences and implementations

Focus on the user
Different steps of user centered designs: from building empathy to co-creation

Requirements for the team, the room and entrepreneurial processes

Practical exercises (circa. 1,5h): Crash Course Design Thinking. You dive into the mindset of Design Thinking and go through the most important steps. They have first experiences with design thinking methods such as observation, visual thinking and persona development.

Lunch break

Discovering and understanding of the life and needs of potential users (without temporal and financial effort), defining goals and planning user research, finding and interpreting the users’ “digital footsteps“, user research’s do’s and don’t’s

Practical exercises (circa 2h): Application of different research methods such as issue mapping, stakeholder map, interviews, 5-Whys and contextual inquiry.

Reflexion and outlook

Along with a concrete task, you will learn on the 2nd day to identify the needs and problems of real users, to analyse and interpret them and then generate a multitude of ideas for possible solution scenarios. You will learn to apply different creative techniques and to build up a high, creative intensity in the team and to make use of it.

Warm up, attunement for the day

Agile user research / guerilla research methods
Formulation of relevant goals for the challenges of the individual teams, identification and understanding of user needs based on observations, interviews, visual thinking and “digital traces”.

Result synthesis
Evaluation, interpretation and evaluation of the data collected in the form of interviews, images and video-recordings with the help of storytelling, clustering, Journey Map, Empathy Map, JTBD (Jobs To Be Done).

Practical exercises (circa 1,5h): Preparation and execution of agile user research methods and result synthesis in small teams.

Lunch break

Acquaintance with and application of various creative techniques and games that help you to generate a multitude of innovative ideas in your team.

Practical exercise: Generate ideas using creative containment, style brainstorming and 6-3-5 method.

Reflexion and outlook

On the third day you will get to know numerous facets and methods of prototyping. You experiment with different ways to convey and illustrate your ideas and experience user feedback as an important factor with aha effect for your product or service development.

Warm up, attunement for the day

The importance of prototypes in design thinking, the use of prototyping in all phases of the design thinking process, getting to know each other, selecting and using different types of prototyping.

Practical exercises (circa 2h): Practical application of different prototyping methods such as visual posters, paper prototyping, rapid prototyping and experience prototyping.

Lunch break

Design and planning of different test situations, presentation of the prototypes, recording, analysis and evaluation of feedback, integration of the feedback into the product and service development, supplementation of the design thinking methods with agile / scrum tools

Practical exercises: (circa 2h): Practical applications of SWOT-Feedback, Six Thinking Hats, Kano model and Features-Box

Reflexion and outlook

On the 4th day, the solutions developed in the team will be presented with the help of the Business Model Canvas in the form of Elevator Pitches. From there it goes smoothly into the implementation with the help of agile development methods.

Warm up, attunement for the day

Modeling and structuring of the desired solution in the business context, planning the adequate use of resources and budget, planning and communicating implementation in the company, coordinating procedures, corporate culture and communication, reflection on design thinking and open questions about the methods.

Practical exercises: (circa 2h): Creation and presentation (elevator pitch) of a business model canvas for your own solution in the team

Lunch break

Planning and controlling implementation, innovative solutions and innovative implementation models, iteration, flexibility and lean production times, design sprints as an important tool for agile work processes, agile development with SCRUM, Google Sprints and Lean Canvas.

Practical exercise (circa 1,5h): Practical exercise (circa 1,5h): Planning and drafting a project for implementing the developed solution using agile development methods

Reflexion and outlook

On the last day we analyze best practices of successful implementation of design thinking in various companies and institutions. The participants develop individual strategies for the profitable use of design thinking in their own everyday work and document their learning in words and pictures.

09:00-09:30 Warm up, attunement for the day

Analysis of successful practical examples (case studies), reconstruction of one’s own work situation, recognition of situations for the use of design thinking methods.

Practical exercise (circa 1h): Phrasing application strategies as well as inquiry and planning of action steps

Lunch break

Sharing, summarizing and discussing results and insights




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Facts & Figures
Duration: 5 Days
Scope: 35 hours / 46 lessons
Effort: 6 hours per day
Language: English
Participant: Minimal | Maximum
Cancellation: Up to 14 days before the start of the seminar free of charge

Times: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. & 13 p.m. – 4 p.m. 

Contact person
Carola Klein


Certified Design Thinking Master

The certificate “Certified Design Thinking Master” of the XDi – Experience Design Institute is awarded for the completed seminar, the active participation in the practical exercises as well as the final presentation. The certificate is recognized by the UXPA and the Interaction Design Foundation and enjoys an international reputation.

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