Certified Product & Project Manager

Agile Product Management and Project Management for the Digital World - Guided E-Learning with Mentor and Education Voucher


Product & Project Management Basics

From new roles and responsibilities in product management, to new project management methods

Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup & OKRs

Develop, test and successfully launch customer-centric products through agile product development in short iteration cycles.

User, product and market analyses

Analyse users, products and markets and identify key criteria (including key features) for competitive offers.

Business Model & Financials

Create business models with Business Model Canvas and Kano model and develop value proposition design with Value Proposition Canvas.

Requirement engineering and agile effort estimation

From product vision, to story maps and user stories, as well as agile estimation with Fibonacci and Planning Poker.

Design Thinking & User Experience Design

Develop ideas and prototype products with design thinking and user experience design.

Product Life Cycle Management & Stakeholder Communication

Plan and manage products and projects with leadership and stakeholder management.

Product Strategy & Product Roadmap

Develop a product strategy and a product roadmap with metrics, key performance indicators and KPIs based on corporate goals and product vision.


Start your learning journey to "Certified Product & Project Manager".

  • You will work on a project and apply the methods taught in practice.
  • In the process, you will be accompanied by an experienced mentor and supported in building a portfolio.
    You will receive a lot of theoretical input in the form of articles and videos.
    You can permanently check your level of knowledge by means of quizzes.
  • In live trainings, you will learn how to use relevant tools in interactive settings.
    In our community, you can exchange ideas with other participants.  
    In moderated live sessions, you can ask questions and exchange ideas.
    In short retrospectives, you reflect on the knowledge you have acquired and the methods you have learned.

Digitalisation is changing all of our lives – and it is changing the way products, services and business models are developed. The VUCA world is characterised by complexity, dynamics and uncertainty. Companies are confronted with constantly evolving technologies, ever-changing customer needs and disruptively changing market conditions. In this training you will learn suitable methods and tools to develop new products, services and business models and to bring innovations successfully to the market.


In the course to become a certified Product & Project Manager, you will learn suitable methods to develop new products, services and business models and to successfully bring innovations to the market. You will focus on the market, product analysis and potential customers, deal with business models and the financing of these and gain a deep insight into stakeholder management and product life cycle management. You will go through various development phases from market and target group analysis to the development of a roadmap, product and go-to-market strategy, from hypothesis generation to an MVP – Minimum Viable Product to the prototype-tested product. You will deal intensively with agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup. You will get to know and apply proven approaches such as design thinking, user experience design, value proposition design and jobs to be done. You will develop a product vision, create user stories and user story maps and thus practically apply your acquired knowledge in realistic scenarios.


Sie können an diesem Online-Kurs mit einem Bildungsgutschein  der Agentur für Arbeit teilnehmen. Sollten Sie als arbeitssuchend registriert sein, dann können Sie bei der Arbeitsagentur einen Bildungsgutschein beantragen. Wir haben hierfür einen Bewerbungsleitfaden erstellt. 

  • Arbeitssuchende, die Ihre Chancen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt erhöhen oder sich für einen neuen Job qualifizieren wollen.

  • Berufsumsteiger, die sich neu orientieren, ihre Berufsaussichten verbessern oder ihre Karriere voranbringen wollen.

  • Berufseinsteiger, die über eine abgeschlossene Schul- oder Berufsausbildung verfügen, sich zukunftsfähig aufstellen und erfolgreich ins Berufsleben starten oder ein Studium anstreben wollen.

  • Menschen, die in Unternehmen, Beratungen und Agenturen an der Strategie, Konzeption und Entwicklung von Produkten, Services und Geschäftsmodellen arbeiten oder arbeiten wollen.

  • Menschen, die im Umfeld von Produkt- und Projektmanagement, Produktgestaltung und Designmanagement, User Experience und Design Thinking sowie Agiler Web- und Software-Entwicklung unterwegs sind oder es sein wollen. 

  • Menschen, die sich auf agiles Produkt- und Projektmanagement spezialisieren wollen und solides praktisches Wissen erwerben wollen.



Digital transformation
Digital transformation, VUKA world, disruptive innovations, Gartner hype cycle, Cynefin framework, Stacey matrix, product life cycle, project management, magic triangle, project phases, Shu-Ha-Ri principle, lean management, agile frameworks, agile manifesto, distinction between classic and agile project management

Practice: Design of a disruptive business model, creation of a project profile, elaboration of challenges and opportunities of an agile project culture each with presentation and feedback with mentor

History, Scrum process, Product and Sprint Backlog, Sprint planning, review and retrospective, Roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developer

Practice: Classification of roles, events, artefacts and control points in the Scrum process with presentation and feedback with mentor

OKR Method
OKR Formula & Examples, Values of OKR, OKR Master, OKR Levels, OKR Process, OKR Artefact, OKR meets Scrum, OKR Tracking

Practice: Developing an OKR model with goals and measures, presentation and feedback with mentor

Origin, visualisation of work, limitation of the amount of work started, control of the workflow, process rules

Practice: Creating a Kanban workflow with WIP limit, presentation and feedback with mentor

Lean Startup
Origin, Build-Measure-Learn cycle, MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Pivoting, Validation Board, Lean Startup as innovation process, MMP (Minimum Marketable Product)

Practice: Planning an MVP, presentation and feedback with mentor

Agile User Research, Interviews, Personas & Empathy Maps, Customer Journeys & Experience Maps, User Scenarios & Use Cases

Practice: Customer-centred perspective taking (expectations & pains), creation of an empathy map and persona, design of a customer lifecycle, development of a customer journey, design of a user scenario, each with presentation and feedback with mentor.

Heuristische Evaluation, Usability Testing, Smoke Test, Analytik & Smart Data

Practice: Creating a questionnaire and conducting an interview, conducting a live usability test, collecting ideas for analytics data based on the persona via Google Analytics, each with presentation and feedback with mentor.

Competitive analysis, benchmarking, identification of key criteria (incl. key features) for competitive offers, market segmentation, value & value proposition, product positioning, brand analysis, validation techniques incl. observation and problem interviews, trend analyses.

Practice: Carrying out a competition SWOT analysis, influencer competition analysis and trend analysis, each with presentation and feedback with mentor

Product vision, selection and prioritisation of the business objective, business model description and validation incl. revenue sources, cost factors, business innovation / business vision, business model design, business model canvas, value proposition design / value proposition canvas, Kano model.

Practice: Development of a product vision based on the Product Vision Canvas Board, development of a business model based on the Business Model Canvas, development of a KANO model, each with presentation and feedback with mentor.

Basics of financial planning and business case creation, financial model for a specific target group, description of different pricing approaches for a new product.

Practice: Working out the advantages and disadvantages of different pricing models (free, freemium, subscription…), presentation and feedback with a mentor.

Features, Story Maps, User Stories & Acceptance criteria

Practice: Creation of a user story with acceptance criteria and a user story map, presentation and feedback with mentor.

Relative Estimation, Storypoints, Planning Poker, T-Shirt Method, Magic Estimation

Practice: Agile estimation with Planning Poker, presentation and feedback with mentor

Design as a success factor, design as a sales driver, user experience, exceptional design, design management, UX design (user-centred design), business design, UX strategy

Ideation, Co-Creation, Creativity techniques, Brainstorming, Double Diamond, Design Sprint, Interaction Design, Ecosystems, Responsive Design, Contextual Design, Wireframes & Sketches, Information architecture, Design Patterns, User Interface Design

Practice: Development of a design thinking challenge (formulation of a problem), identification of extreme users, development of “jobs to be done”, agenda of a design thinking workshop, creation of a style guide, creation of wireframes, implementation of a usability test, in each case with presentation and feedback with mentor.


Corporate goals and visions, “bird-in-hand” principle, digital transformation, digital business models

Practice: Questioning backlog with the problems from everyday work Presentation, feedback and discussion of the new roles in product management

Product roadmap incl. goals, metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and key features, value proposition, return on invest (ROI), UX strategy, go-to-market strategy, lifecycle phases and product performance, impact on product goals, pricing and marketing strategy, key events incl. market launch, product/market fit, end of sales

Practice: Questioning backlog with the problems from everyday work Presentation, feedback and discussion of the new roles in product management

Lateral leadership, roles in agile frameworks, Leadership & Management 3.0, New Work, building a team, assigning roles and responsibilities, defining goals and release planning, culture mapping, RACI matrix, Power Interest Grid, stakeholder communication, stakeholder interviews, personality analyses (MBTI, DISG, …)

Practice: Questioning backlog with the problems from everyday work Presentation, feedback and discussion of the new roles in product management



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Certified Product & Project Manager

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