We are XDi. We offer further education, coaching and consulting for companies and their employees, self-employed and freelancers as well as newcomers and professionals.

We support and accompany people from different disciplines and industries to becomemoreinnovative, creative and agile. Our training help to further qualify, to do a better job and tohave better chances on the job market. We teach people-centered, solution-oriented and design-focused thinking and acting and make them fit for the design, development, and marketing of products, services and business models.

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We rely on modern teaching and educational concepts that are based on the latest research findings and have been tested in numerous innovation hubs around the world and successfully applied in internationally operating start-ups.

The 3 Pillars
The offers of XDi are based on 3 pillars - training, coaching and consulting. In our training we impart practical knowledge in a compact form. With our coaching, we accompany you in the application of methods and techniques in your daily work. We support both with consulting services for all aspects of digital transformation.

With our XDi’360° program you can use training, coaching and consulting for a "Continual Improvement-Program" for the continuous development of your employees and a sustainable increase incompetence in your company.

X8® – Our Training Model

With heart, head & hand. Our training model is based on eight levels - theory, practice, visualization, presentation, feedback, reflection, exploration, and introspection. In our training, we impart theoretical knowledge, apply it in a team, search playfully for solutions, visualize them, communicate the work results, give and receive feedback and reflect on the results alone and together.

The theory - Know how
The transfer of knowledge about methods, techniques, and tools is the basis of all skills. Therefore, we provide the theoretical foundation in short input units and then apply the presented methods and tools in practice.

The practice - Learning by doing
Our credo is "Learning by Doing" - the participants of our seminars learn the application of relevant methods and techniques by means of practical exercises in a co-creative team process. The results of the practical work are then presented.

The Exploration - Try & Error
Learning is fun. Fun and games, trying out and making mistakes play an important role in learning. Only what triggers emotions can have an effect. We support you playfully to reach your goal.

Visualization - Create an image
Visualization is an important and powerful tool to make ideas and concepts understandable and comprehensible. We encourage our participants to think visually and encourage them to draw their thoughts.

The Presentation - Pitch me baby
The results of the individual and group work will be presented to the team or to all participants. Everyone is requested to communicate his work verbally, to present it visually and to put it in the right light.

The Feedback - Be my sandwich
All participants are called upon to criticize - positive as well as negative. The aim is to communicate what pleases and what doesn't and to give suggestions for improvements. In dialogue with others and the open exchange of arguments we make it possible to better reflect the effect of one's own actions and to broaden one's own horizon.

The Reflection - Give me insights
All thematic blocks will be concluded with a retrospective. The experiences made are reflected in individual and group work. We create an instance of conscious perception and mentally repeat the experiences made in order to be able to integrate them better.

The Introspection - Inside the sea
In silence lies the power. Everyone is invited to explore themselves, to consciously perceive experiences and to let experiences have an effect. We create moments of peace and look inside together to manifest the acquired knowledge.

The Philosophy

People & Opportunities - Customers, Users, Trainers, Employees & Partners
It's always about people. People who come to us and continue their education - our customers. People for whom our customers create experiences - the users. People who work with us - teaching, coaching, consulting - our trainers. People who make us what we are - our employees. People with whom we cooperate - our partners. People-centered thinking and acting - the orientation towards the needs, abilities, and essences of people in the development and design of products, services and companies - is the essence of all our services and the amalgam of all our activities.

Locations & Rooms - Beautiful, inspiring, atmospheric
Beautiful places - inspiring rooms. The Experience Design Institute is a home where it's beautiful, where life rages and music plays. We seek inspiring places of communication and creativity. We go to „Co-Working-Spaces“ and „Innovation Hubs“ - places of innovation and cooperation.

Underlays & Materials - Lots of stuff
We give you so much to the hand. We attach great importance to the scope and quality of our seminar documents. All participants receive comprehensive training material in analog and digital form. We make the methods used available to you for further use. All documents contain valuable tips and further information for an intensive occupation afterward. We document the events and the work results and make them available afterward.

Eating & Drinking - The physical welfare
We will provide you with the best possible service. Lunch in a selected restaurant is as much a part of our training as a good supply of coffee, tea, water and soft drinks. You can cover your vitamin requirements with various fruits - you can restore your sugar balance with all kinds of pastries and various sweets.

Service & Consulting - We are there for you
We are always there for you. We will be happy to advise you on the correct selection of suitable further training and support you in applying for funding. We are always available to help and advise you before and during the training.

The Goals

We live in a time characterized by increased complexity and acceleration - life that is to become simpler through technology becomes more complex and faster. Our life takes place in the midst of this technological, networked environment, which is expressed in the availability and ubiquity of digital means of communication.

This brings with it the challenge for each individual and all organizations to design, organize and orchestrate this "beautiful new world". In order to support people in this challenge and to make the new world more manageable and manageable, we concentrate in experience design on the simplification, controllability and experiencability of the living environment.

The Experience Design Institute teaches the diverse design, psychological and cultural methodologies of experience design. We are convinced that human-centered and experience-oriented design is the central factor for the development of innovative, successful and popular products.

The methods of Experience Design, Human Centered Design, User Experience Design, Service Design Design Thinking are effective, effective and goal-oriented tools to make the world a little better with the help of innovative, intelligent and useful products, services and systems. Only the orientation to the needs of people makes it possible to develop meaningful products and services that make people's lives easier, better and more beautiful.

The Story

After almost 20 years as a freelance designer and consultant for national and international companies, agencies and business consultations and a training as a professional systemic management coach, Stefan Schmitt, the founder of XDi, moved into the world of knowledge transfer. After initial experience with an IT training provider in Cologne, the idea was soon born to develop seminar concepts and set up an own Institute.

On 31.03.2014, the day his daughter was born, the XDi - Experience Design Institute was founded - the website went online the previous evening. Half a year later Stefan traveled to Hamburg with his seminar case to give the first User Experience Design seminars in the Betahaus. With only a few seminars and a handful of participants starting in autumn 2014, the Experience Design Institute has developed into a permanent fixture in the German-speaking world for further education in various design disciplines.

The central themes are user centering in human-centered design, thinking in models, designing and visualizing as a process of experience, and digitization and agility in the development and delivery of products and services.

In autumn 2017, the Institute ventured into new language worlds and now also offers English-language advanced training courses in 10 European countries. At the same time, we have broadened our range of topics and, in addition to our design offerings, developed further future-oriented training courses in digital marketing and product management.

Since the beginning, we have established a national and international reputation for Cutting Edge training, high-quality content, research-oriented training concepts, the best and most experienced trainers and first-class service.