Certified Service Design Thinker

Service Innovation & Customer Experience Design - Service Design Training


Service Design Thinking Basics

From definitions and specifications to customer journeys, touchpoints and blueprints to the design process.

Design Research & Customer Journey

Understanding user needs and identifying innovation potential with Service Safaris and Cultural Probes.

Cognitive Synthesis & Customer Journey Mapping

Interpretation of research results, empathy mapping for the customer and customer journey visualization with CJM.

Ideation & Servicekonzepte

Finding and prioritizing ideas and utilizing them to generate and visualize service concepts.

Service Prototyping & Co-Design

Development of prototypical services with experience prototyping and service blueprints.

Service Design Thinking in the business

Develop service innovations with blueprints and implement them in business practice.


Nowadays, differentiation and success on the market are not achieved by features, but by a unique customer experience, new services and connections between products and services. With special processes and methods, service design thinking helps you to identify innovation potential and to create attractive and useful services for your customers, which can be implemented efficiently by you as a provider. This seminar enables you to see the innovation and optimization potential in your own offers so that you can successfully design services and holistic customer experience.

What to expect in this service design training

When people are using a product or a service, they come in touch with various interfaces and communication channels. The design of such “touchpoints” often lays in the hands of several different teams, which not rarely lead to gaps and breaches in the customer experience. The demand for specially skilled designers, managers and consultants, who can orchestrate a consistent and successful customer experience, is increasing in private as well as in public sector.

What you will learn in this service design training

You will get to know methods and tools from human-centered design, which will help you to understand your customers better and perceive pain points and improvement potential from their point of view. From there, you will be taught to think at adaptable and innovative solutions which can be communicated and implemented effectively. The perspective of service design thinking will help you to see your own offers in an integrated way and recognize new opportunities for service expansion or enhancement in all phases, from acquisition to follow-up.

Who should attend this service design training

This seminar was developed for people who are responsible for the conceptual and strategic development of new services and a holistic, cross-channel customer experience in organizations, agencies, institutions or NGO’s. These are, for example, service planners and managers, project and product managers, marketing and sales managers, customer service managers, designers and design managers from all fields (user experience, visual design, product design) as well as architects, scrum masters, product owners, business consultants and start-ups.

X8® - Our Training Concept


Definitions and disciplines
Service design, design thinking, customer experience design, human-centered design

The service perspective of design
Customer journey, touch points, channels, experience cycle, blueprint, service ecosystem, expectation management, service and product design quality criteria for services…

The necessity and use of service design
Important trends (servitization, shared economy, experience economy,…), new requirements for companies (customer experience as USP, pressure of innovation etc.), example cases

The Design process
The double diamond process, analysis and exploration, insights, ideation, concept development, prototyping, testing, implementation

Practical exercise: Design thinking crash course. You will go through the most important steps of the design process, try exploration and empathy-building methods, develop new ideas, build prototypes and try them out

Design research goals
Understanding of user’s needs, detection of latent needs, improvement of customer satisfaction, the realization of innovation potential, easier understanding of how to change customer’s behavior

Methods and tools
Immersion, service safari, design ethnography, AEIOU observations, diary studies, cultural probes, extreme users, mood boards…

Practical exercise: Design research methods

Design research synthesis
Organization of research results, build of clusters, search for patterns, interpretation, insights, modeling, problem re-framing

Representing users
Personas as an empathy tool, orientation and sources of inspiration; A-day-in-the-life, empathy mapping

Customer journey mapping
Visualization of customer’s journey, a discovery of the potential for improvements and innovations, optimization of resources, alternatives and applications

Practical exercise: Personas, customer journey mapping 

Finding und prioritizing ideas
Brainstorming, body storming, inspiration cards, opportunity maps,…

Developing and visualizing service concepts
Sketching, concept map, storytelling, storyboarding, scenarios, offering maps, design the box, service evidencing…

Practical exercise: Finding ideas, affinity diagramming, design the box 


Service prototyping, co-design and testing  
Forms of prototyping in service design and possibilities to include the user: experience prototyping, lofi vs. hifi prototyping, desktop walkthrough, service staging, role plays, service evidencing, co-design, service innovation labs, etc.

Practical exercise: Prototyping and testing: You build and test prototypes based on your storyboard and let the feedback influence your work.

Implementing service innovations 
Service blueprints – requirement specifications for services (possible interactions, touchpoints, organizational and technical requirements…), stakeholder maps, system maps, motivation/use matrix, business model canvas for services

Integrating service design thinking into your own business
Typical challenges while integrating design thinking, tips, design tools and visualizations of the organizational change, best practices…

Practical exercise: Service blueprinting 






Facts & Figures
Duration: 3 Days
Scope: 21 hours / 28 lessons
Effort: 6 hours per day
Language: English
Participant: Minimal | Maximum
Cancellation: Up to 14 days before the start of the seminar free of charge

Times: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Contact person
Carola Klein


Certified Service Design Thinker

The certificate “Certified Service Design Thinker” of the XDi – Experience Design Institute is awarded for the completed seminar, the active participation in the practical exercises as well as the final presentation. The certificate is recognized by the UXPA and the Interaction Design Foundation and enjoys an international reputation.

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