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Divers by nature.

We are colourful and we are successful promenade mixtures. A German core, the aroma of Italy, the Russian soul, the vastness of the USA, the mountain air of Austria, the scent of Colombia and the spice of the Orient. We are a team of many ladies and gentlemen from all countries, of all ages and of the most diverse professions.

We are us. We are authentic. We are honest. We are soulful. We are motivated to do our best for you and for us every day. And we want to support and accompany people in learning new things, gaining experience and knowing more - about methods, techniques, tools - and themselves.


Stefan Schmitt

Founder & CEO

Stefan is the founder and mastermind of the institute. He has worked for a couple of decades as a designer and consultant for companies of all shapes and sizes. He founded the institute in 2014, just in time for the birth of his first daughter. In him, the German penchant for perfection, quality and structure meets the Italian dolce vita. Stefan can only do a few things at once, otherwise he is not happy and healthy. He loves developing ideas, making plans and getting new things off the ground. For many years he has unsuccessfully practised contemplative techniques to become calmer and more relaxed. He lives and works wherever there is electricity and internet.

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Irina Schmitt

Art historian & communication trainer

Irina is an art historian, designer and teacher. She is the glamorous eminence in the background who gives the institute its soul. Without her, Stefan's inner child would be hopelessly lost. Warm Russian blood flows in her veins with a good shot of German blood cells from past lives. Contrary to all Russian legends, she prefers black tea to crystal clear vodka. She can create elaborate hair designs as well as impart knowledge about the history of art. In her life, she has done just about everything once. She goes with Stefan wherever there is electricity and internet and her children can live, play and learn happily.

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Yvonne Epps

Management assistant

Yvonne is a pearl. She is the heart of the institute. Nothing works without her. She is the perfect mixture of German sense for details and American pragmatism. Decaffeinated, she is hopelessly lost. Once her engine has been fuelled with coffee, she purrs like a kitten and runs at full speed. She is our contact person for everything and everyone. She always has an open ear, is up to every challenge and makes something out of everything.

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Carola Klein

Office Manager & Customer advisor

Carola is the good soul of the institute. Although she comes from Saarland, she speaks fluent German. She takes care of you and us. Her baking skills ensure our physical well-being. She is responsible for making sure that everyone is well. With her unbelievable overview, she always knows everything and keeps an eye on everything. Nothing escapes her attention. She is always there for everyone and close to everything that happens.

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Valentina Caronia

Account manager & Community Manager 

Valentina is a real bundle of energy: with her Italian charm and supportive nature, she takes hearts by storm. Whether by phone, Slack or e-mail - she is always on hand with her creative solutions. With her infectious positivity, she puts a smile on everyone's face. With Valentina at your side, everyone and every woman feels well looked after and understood. She knows the answer to every question and her sunny disposition ensures that everyone feels well looked after.

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Yasmina Kohler

Marketing Manager

Yasmina is our Christ child. In her, Orient and Occident are united in a perfect symbiosis. She combines German discipline and oriental wisdom in the best possible way. She stirs the advertising drum and makes us appear in the best light. If you're not careful, she'll have you wrapped around her finger with her words and actions. As a marketing woman she knows how to deal with letters, pictures and numbers and how to put them in the limelight.

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Garnet Gottensträter

Sales Manager

Garnet is our calm in strength. Her Colombian blood flows warmly and evenly through German veins. She burns for what she does. She sells you everything there is to have in the bazaar of personal development. Once she has shared her screen, she skilfully guides you through every meeting. Garnet is our go-to person for companies who want to do something for the development of their employees. With Garnet, there is nothing off the peg - here, customised tailoring is the order of the day.

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Maria Brauer

People & Culture    

Maria made it across early in her life - she moved from Dresden as a young adult to conquer Leipzig. She is not only good with people, but also with numbers, words and works. With a solid business background and a good shot at sales, she is dedicated to people and the human condition itself. She ensures that our team continues to grow - in every respect - and that we can strengthen ourselves with great, accomplished and motivated people. She is constantly on the air. When she is not on the air, she spends whole evenings with her son exploring Catan and the world.  

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Camilo Garzon

Digital Designer  

Camilo is our man for beauty and goodness. He not only pushes pixels from one side to the other, but also plays with vectors and animations. His head constantly tingles and makes his hair curl. He is responsible for making everything work and look good. He wields the digital brush nimbly and knows how to skilfully set the scene for every colour palette. There is no design tool that does not obey his nimble fingers.    

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Tobias Müller

Digital Designer    

Tobias is one of the few people who combine creative and technical skills. Just as his homeland, the Saarland, could never quite decide between France and Germany in terms of affiliation, it was also not possible for him to make the right decision at first. After a guest appearance on the other side, his path led him to us after all. So now he can live out his own schizophrenia in all our creative, technical and pedagogical questions in the best possible way.  

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Barbara Hoffmann

Learning Designer  

Barbara is our alpine powerhouse. She has made her way across the Alps to Lake Garda. Austrian culture and nature meets La Dolce Vita. With good luck, she speaks fluent Italian in short order. She knows how to get a curriculum going just as well as she knows how to get a video into the right shape. She brings our courses up to speed and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Her Learning Journeys are an enjoyable adventure with tangible results. There is no participant who doesn't look forward to the next chapter with her.

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Monika Gielerski

Learning Designer    

Monika is the synthesis of German thoroughness and Polish fire. When her 'inner Monk', with its well marked need for order, structure and cleanliness, is not rebelling, she takes a 'tough but hearty' approach to tasks. She brings structure and passion to her work and inspires her colleagues to bring out the best in themselves. Her Polish temperament means she doesn't shy away from confrontation. She is honest to the core. Her colleagues appreciate the fact that she is always authentic and genuine. As a little herb witch, Monika has a natural solution for many everyday ailments and is happy to share her knowledge.

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Laura Amani

Sales & Office Manager

Laura has her roots in the centre of power. She drinks Hessian Äppelwoi with Spanish chorizo. When her stomach is not rebelling, she tries to convince our customers and prospects that we are the best. Beyond that, she is up for anything and everything. She has succumbed to oriental charm and recently entered into holy matrimony. Now she has become a mum to a little Capricorn and is taking care of the really important things in life.

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