We offer training, coaching and consulting for companies and their employees, freelancers and professionals as well as newcomers and professionals.

We have developed a comprehensive service portfolio to offer you the best support in the continuous development of your employees. We train your employees in in-house company training courses specially tailored to your needs, coach you in the practical implementation and application of the acquired knowledge in everyday business life and advise you on the way to digital transformation.


You want to establish experience design methods in your company and make your team more innovative and productive. You can book all our training courses as in-house company training. We support you in the targeted further development of your employees and bring your team down to a common denominator. We adapt the scope and content to your needs and apply the presented methods to challenges from your daily business. 

In this way, in addition to teaching content and methodological competence, we ensure the transfer into business practice that is suitable for everyday use. You can also use an in-house training course as a kick-off event, initial ignition or for generating ideas and developing concepts for a current project. We teach your employees and at the same time support them in jointly developing solutions for a current challenge in your company.


All in one - training, coaching and consulting. To ensure the continuous development of your employees, we accompany you to our training courses with coaching measures and provide you with advice. In on-site training courses, we impart demand-oriented knowledge in a compact and pragmatic form.

With coaching, we accompany you in the application of the learned methods and techniques in your daily work. We support both with consulting services around the transfer into your company and the corresponding teams. In this way, we can guarantee a sustained increase in incompetence and the long-term development of practical and pragmatically applicable knowledge.


We rely on modern educational and teaching concepts based on the latest research insights.

We coach individuals and teams on experience design topics and accompany them over a longer period of time. Our coaches ensure that newly acquired methods and techniques are applied in practice and are further deepened in concrete projects.

We help you to use different methods and guide you to apply them optimally. We support you personally or as a team. We moderate co-creative work processes and encourage you to develop new ideas in a team and to develop them collaboratively. We support managers in leading teams creatively.


We advise executives and companies on their way to digital transformation. We help you to become more flexible, agile and competitive. We prepare companies for the transformation of a networked, global world and support them in building new working environments, using digital tools and setting up their teams. 

We convey customer-oriented thinking, help you with the user-centered development of products and services and advise you on the strategic use of new technologies. We advise you on the use of new sales and communication channels and adapt your content to the characteristics of different marketing channels. We are at your side on the way to a service-oriented and design-centered organization.