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User Interface Design & Visual Design

Design of user interfaces - Guided E-Learning Bootcamp with Mentoring

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User Experience Basics

You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, techniques and methods in the iterative UX design process and use practical case studies to discover the added value of User Research for product success.

Basics of UI Design

You will learn the basic concepts of User Interface (UI) design. You will gain insight into the design of visually appealing and functional digital interfaces through layouts, typography and visual aesthetics.

Fundamentals of Visual Identity

You will discover the basics of visual identity and branding. You will understand how design elements convey brand personality. Through hands-on exercises, you will be able to create coherent visual identities.

Introduction to Design Systems

You will gain an overview of the concept of a design system and gain practical experience using design systems to develop consistent and scalable design frameworks.


Start your learning journey to "User Interface Design & Visual Design".

  • bulletYou will work on a project and apply the methods taught in practice.
  • bulletIn the process, you will be accompanied by an experienced mentor and supported in building a portfolio.
  • bulletYou will receive a lot of theoretical input in the form of articles and videos.
  • bulletYou can permanently check your level of knowledge by means of quizzes.
  • bulletIn live trainings, you will learn how to use relevant tools in interactive settings.
  • bulletIn our community, you can exchange ideas with other participants. 
  • bulletIn moderated live sessions, you can ask questions and exchange ideas.
  • bulletIn short retrospectives, you reflect on the knowledge you have acquired and the methods you have learned.

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In this comprehensive course on User Interface Design & Visual Design , you will undertake a thorough exploration of both the fundamentals and advanced methodologies for creating exceptional digital experiences. In the course, you will cover a variety of topics, such as basic UX concepts, UX design processes and systems, the basics of UI design , and the construction of unique visual identities.

Through practical projects and real-world simulations, you will apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios using industry standard  tools and techniques. By the end of the training course, you will have a professional portfolio in hand with which you can present your expertise in user interface design . In addition, you will be prepared to increase user satisfaction and business success in the digital sphere


The focus of this course is on visual design, design patterns and design systems — key concepts for creating compelling digital experiences.

In particular, you will deal with the basics of visual design(color theory, typography, layout), the use of design patterns , the development of sustainable design systems, the implementation of guidelines, the creation and testing of prototypes and the integration of responsive designs.

This training provides a comprehensive exploration of the fundamentals and advanced concepts of visual designthat are critical to optimizing digital experiences. By working intensively with design patterns and design systems , you will gain a sound understanding that enables you to develop innovative solutions and stand out in the market.


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  • bulletJob seekers who want to increase their chances in the labor market or qualify for a new job.
  • bulletCareer changers who want to reorient themselves, improve their career prospects or advance their careers.
  • bulletNewcomers who have completed their school or vocational training, who want to prepare themselves for the future and successfully start their professional life or want to pursue a degree course.
  • bulletPeople who work or want to work in companies, agencies and consultancies on the development of websites, apps and software.
  • bulletPeople who are involved in design, marketing, media, IT, management, advice and customer service are on the move or want to be.
  • bulletPeople who specialize in user interface design and want to acquire solid practical knowledge.



You will develop an understanding of the functional areas of usability and user experience and can define the terms, objectives and background of the functional areas.

You will learn about the iterative UX design lifecycle – from research to validation in the context of other design processes. In addition, you will understand how this course fits into the overall UX process – from understanding users to delivering results.

Understand the value of user experience through case studies. You will examine how research results contribute to informed decision-making in the product design process and to the sustainable fulfillment of user requirements.

You will understand the importance and importance of visual hierarchy, effective feedback mechanisms, and the use of invisible design elements to optimize user experience.

You will practice techniques for effectively communicating design concepts, creating wireframes, mockups, and other design artifacts to present UI design ideas.

You will understand visual elements such as typography, color, visual language, and iconography and their role in creating compelling visual designs.

You will design mood boards and style guides to ensure consistent visual language and brand integrity across digital platforms.

You will design visually appealing prototypes for user testing and stakeholder feedback using tools and techniques for high-fidelity prototyping.

You will explore common design patterns and best practices for creating intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces.

You will understand the concept of the design system and its role in creating consistent and scalable user experiences across digital platforms.

You will define guidelines and standards for the development and consistent implementation of a design system, including component libraries, design principles, and documentation.

You will learn practical aspects of implementing a design system within an organization, including cross-departmental implementation, versioning, and integration with existing workflows.

You will learn strategies for managing and optimizing a design system, including governance models, updates, and communication strategies.



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icon Guided E-Learning | Full-time / Part-time

Format: Guided E-Learning
Intensity: Full-time & Part-time
Duration: 4 Weeks | 10-40h per Week
Scope: 120h | 160TU
Level: Beginner | Intermediate
Times: Daily -
Language: English
Trainer: 1

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User Interface Design & Visual Design

For the completed training you will receive the certificate “User Interface Design & Visual Design” from the XDi – Experience Design Institute. The certificate is recognised by the German UPA, the Interaction Design Foundation and the UXPA and now enjoys an international reputation.


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