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Das XDi - Experience Design Institut develops and organizes Trainings, Workshops, Seminars, Educations, Courses, Events, Meetings in the fields of User Experience Design, User Centered Design, Usability, Design Thinking, Service Design, Business Transformation and Innovation.
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Experience Design Institute

Learn to design innovative products, services and systems
successfully and philanthropic

Our Courses

The Institute

We love UX, UI, User Experience Design, Usability, User Interface Design
Interaction Design, Training, Weiterbildung, Seminar, Workshop, Schulung

We enjoy UX, UI, User Experience Design, Usability, User Interface Design
Interaction Design Training, Education, Seminar, Workshop, Courses

We offer Webdesign, Website Design, Responsive Design, Responsive Webdesign
Responsive Websites, Training, Education, Seminar, Workshop, Courses

You want Design Thinking, Innovation, Transformation, Ideation, Potentialentwicklung, Perspektiven
Training, Education, Seminar, Workshop, Courses