XDi | Experience Design-Seminare - User Experience, Usability, UI Design, User Centered Design & Innovation Seminare, Workshops, Trainings , Weiterbildungen und Schulungen
Das XDi - Experience Design Institut entwickelt und veranstaltet Weiterbildungen, Trainings, Workshops, Seminare, Kurse, Fortbildungen und Schulungen zu den Themen User Experience Design, User Centered Design, Usability, Design Thinking, Service Design, Imagineering, Business Transformation und Innovation.
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  • UX 360° - Certified UX & Usability Expert

    User Experience, User Centered Design and Usability for Websites, Apps and Software
  • Learn to design Websites, Apps and Software with an excellent User Experience
  • 5 days intensive UX Course
    User Experience Course, Usability -Training, Seminar, Workshop, Education

    Berlin, 11th – 15th Sep 2017
    Brussels, 2nd – 6th Oct 2017
    Munich,  16th – 20th Oct 2017
    Amsterdam, 13th – 17th Nov 2017
    Copenhagen, 27th Nov – 1st Dec 2017
    Berlin, 12th – 16th Mar 2018
    Brussels, 9th – 13th Apr 2018
    Munich, 14th – 18th May 2018
    Amsterdam, 18th – 22th Jun 2018
    Copenhagen, 16th – 20th Jul 2018

    UX Course, Usability Training, UX Seminar, Workshop, Education


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  • UXD - Certified UX Design Specialist

    Interaction & UX Design for Web, Tablet & Smartphone
  • Learn to successfully design user friendly Websites and Apps.
  • 3 days  intensive UX course
    User Experience Course, Usability Training, UX Workshop

    Amsterdam, 18th – 20th Sep 2017
    Brussels, 25th – 27th Oct 2017
    Berlin, 15th – 17th Nov 2017
    Amsterdam, 26th – 28th Mar 2018
    Berlin, 7th – 9th May 2018
    Brussels, 25th – 27th Jun 2018

    User Experience Course, Usability Training, UX Workshop

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  • SDT - Service Design Thinking

    Service Innovation & Customer Experience Design
  • This course will enable you to create successful, cross-channel customer experiences.
  • 3 days Service Design Thinking Course
    Service Design Seminar, Service Design Thinking Course, Design Thinking Training

    Brussels, 04th – 06th Sep 2017
    Amsterdam, 16th – 18th Oct 2017
    Berlin, 22th – 24th Nov 2017
    Copenhagen, 06th – 08th Dec 2017
    Brussels, 12th – 14th Mar 2018
    Amsterdam, 4th – 6th Apr 2018
    Copenhagen, 2nd – 4th May 2018
    Berlin, 2nd – 4th Jul 2018

     Customer Experience Design Seminar, User Centered Design Workshop, Human Centered Design Course

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