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Das XDi entwickelt und veranstaltet Seminare, Workshops, Trainings, Weiterbildungen und Kurse zu den Themen Experience Design, User Experience, Service Design, Design Thinking, User Interface Design, UCD, User Centered Design, Interaction Design, HCI, Customer Experience Management und Online-Konzeption.
Seminar, Workshop, Training, Weiterbildung, Fortbildung, Schulung, Kurs, UX, UI, User Experience, UX Design, User Experience Design, Usability, HCI, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Interaktionsdesign, User Centered Design, UCD, Human Centered Design, Website-Konzeption, Online-Konzeption, Webdesign, Design Thinking, Service Design, Usability Engineering, Customer Experience Design
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The XDi was founded on March 31, 2014 by Stefan W. Schmitt. We develop and organize courses, workshop, lectures and events for the design of interactive products, services and systems.

Design is at the center of our work and embodies the essence, methodology and attitude of the XDi. We live, think and breathe design. Our offerings are in the triangle of creation, communication and innovation.

In our training courses, we provide the knowledge and practical skills of the disciplines: User Experience Design, Human Centered Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Sensory Design, Service Design and Design Thinking.



The Experience Design Institute was founded with the aim of imparting the different design, psychological and cultural dimensions and methodologies of experience design.

We help companies and organizations become more innovative and empower people from different sectors and industries to successfully design digital products, services and business.

The methods of user experience design, human centered design and design thinking are effective and goal-oriented tools to make the world a bit better with the help of innovative, intelligent and useful products, services and systems.

Only the orientation to the needs of people makes it possible to develop meaningful products and services, which make the lives of people easier, better and more beautiful.




The offerings of the XDi are created by the teachers and the methods and abilities they impart. Trainers at the Experience Design Institute bring many years of practical experience in the international environment. They have placement skills and are the best in their field.


The XDi has no fixed places and spaces. We go where our participants are. We are looking specifically for CoWorking Spaces and Social Hubs – places of cooperation and social implications. The choice is always on the people and the atmosphere on the spot.


The XDi is a framework for information and education within Experience Design. The topics and contents of our training courses are developed in partnership with teachers, trainers and lecturers.


We are working with modern education and learning concepts based on the current findings of research. Our seminars are influenced by the newest coaching methods, creativity techniques as well as aspects of mental training. This way individual skill sets and potentials will be benefited sustainably.


Our credo is „learning by doing“ – our participants learn the application of relevant methods and techniques using practicals exercises in small groups. Profound theoretical knowledge is thereby the foundation of our seminars.


Stefan Schmitt
Diplom-Designer (design major), XDi founder, experience designer, consultant, XD trainer & systematic management coach

Stefan Schmitt is experience designer, consultant, trainer und speaker with more than 15 years experience in analyzing, planning, developing and designing websites, web portals, e-commerce solutions, marketing tools, software, mobile apps and social media applications.

Irina Schmitt
Managing director, art historic, communications trainer and educator

Irina Schmitt is an art historic and designer, teaching design and systematic communications. She is currently living and working in both St. Petersburg and Cologne.

Nicole Neuberger
Diplom-Psychologin (psychology major), interaction designer, trainer

Nicole Neuberger is a psychology major, interaction designer and human centered design/service design-trainer. Sie's helping companies developing user friendly services and products which are simple and fun at the same time.

Steffen Schilb
M. Sc. digital media, UX designer & Axure professional

Steffen Schilb is a freelancing UX designer, trainer and mentor (CareerFoundy) with more than 10 years experience in developing interactive systems and services. His own special interest is the methodical usage of supporting software in the UX research and design process.

Katja Busch
Katja Busch, media sciences major, UX manager, coach & consultant, expert in reducing complexity , empathic and pragmatic expert for digital transformation

Katja Busch worked the last 20 years as photographer, concept developer, information architect, content strategist, head of UX and trainer. Today she is 360° UX manager and coach, project manager and consultant for digital transformation. For her, people and their specific needs build the center of attention in all her doing.

Dinko Verzi
MBA information technology, B.S. biochemistry, web/app designer & front end developer

Dinko Verzi is a freelancing digital designer, consultant and developer. He is conceptualizing, designing and developing digital products such as websites, apps and web applications for the last 15 years. He focuses on the combination of design and development as well as on prototyping.

Babak Zand
Content strategist, agile management as well as creative leadership expert & blogger


Heiko Bartlog
Host of innovation: effectuation expert, innovation facilitator, agile coach

Heiko is working on and around projects since 1998 - he is fascinated by how ``the new`` comes into this world. As a freelancing agile coach, consultant and co-working trainer he supports companies on their way to agility and innovation skill. Therefor he uses approaches like Effectuation, Lean Startup and Scrum. Heiko currently lives in Berlin.

Anastasia Gramatchikova
Design thinking lead coach, digital strategist, trainer and conference speaker

Design thinking lead coach, digital strategist, trainer and conference speaker with her focus on digitalization, change management and user centered innovation. Anastasia's passion is to wake creative potential and a user centered way of thinking. She sees it as her own personal challenge to get people out of their comfort zone and onto different way leading to innovation, to try them out and to make room for new ideas that improve everyone's life.

Zwetana Penova
Dipl. Visuelle Kommunikation (visual communications major), design thinking trainer, Scrum product owner, entrepreneur

On her search for new innovation methods of the 21st century Zwetana discovered design thinking for herself in 2010. She was immediately convinced by the variety and flexibility of design thinking and had an intensive examination of this method. Today, she passes her positive experience with design thinking on to her audience as a trainer, coach and speaker.

Arno Karrasch
Experience architect, strategist & manager & service designer

Arno Karrasch gathered his experience for the last 20 years as a system admin, concept designer, information architect, UX director, experience design leader, experience strategist and design thinker working at agencies, consulting firms, corporations, start ups and innovation labs. Today, he sees the people as the center of attention and supports companies as coach and consultant, helping them to use new technologies in order to act as user friendly as possible.

You picture could be here
Experience designer, service designer & design thinker

We're always looking for ambitious trainers and coaches who like to pass on their knowledge and experience in the different disciplines of experience designs.


Experience design

Experience design (XD) is the method of designing products, processes, services, events and surroundings with the focus on the quality of the user’s experience and culturally relevant solutions. The experience design contains a quantity of different disciplines.

XDi User Experience/Usability-Seminare/-Workshops/-Trainings

Interaction design

Interaction design, or IXD, is referring to the design of the function, the behavior and the final configuration of products and systems. The design of interaction processes within an organization is a part of this field as well.

XDi User Experience/Usability-Seminare/-Workshops/-Trainings

User experience design

User experience design describes all design aspects of the user’s experience while interacting with a product, service, surrounding or facility.

XDi User Experience/Usability-Seminare/-Workshops/-Trainings

Service design

Service design describes the process of designing services. Service design therefor designs interfaces of the different systems that are part of a service. This includes the communication between the people involved in the service as well as the required tools and processes.

XDi User Experience/Usability-Seminare/-Workshops/-Trainings

User centered design

User orientated design is aimed at designing interactive products with a high usability. This is mostly accomplished by the putting the user of a product in the center of the development process.

XDi User Experience/Usability-Seminare/-Workshops/-Trainings

Design thinking

Design thinking stands of design specific cognitive activities the designer is using during the design process. Design thinking is the combination of empathy for a problem’s context, creativity in generating insights and results and rationality in the analysis and application of different results on the specific problem context.

XDi User Experience/Usability-Seminare/-Workshops/-Trainings


  • 01 Watch

    Observe, investigate, emphasize,
    analyse, ask, listen, learn, understand

  • 02 Define

    Synthesize, reframe, focus,
    goals, strategy, mission, vision, tasks, solution

  • 03 Create

    Ideate, brainstorm, scribble, sketch, draw, wireframe, prototype, modeling, design

  • 04 Tryout

    Test, evaluate, iterate, refine

  • 05 Produce

    Produce, implement, deploy, launch




Social Impact Lab (Enterability), Glogauerstr. 21, 10999 Berlin
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Betahaus, Eifflerstr. 43, 22769 Hamburg
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XDi Köln, Hansaring 88, 50670 Cologne
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Mein Arbeits(t)raum, Freibadstr. 30, 81543 Munich
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Social Impact Lab, Falkstraße 5, 60487 Frankfurt
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MeetNWork, Poststraße 2-4, 60329 Frankfurt a. M.
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Design Offices, Lautenschlagerstraße 23a, 70173 Stuttgart
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Impact Hub, Lindengasse 56, 1070 Vienna
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